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Smart Industrial Ammunition Company (SIAC) emerged in 2019 with a development investment vision as a Saudi company in the defense sector affiliated with CoinMENA Investment Holding Company. Moving forward leaving a unique vital imprint in the world of defense at both the local and international levels.

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SIAC targeted a set of wide and integrated services, including all the necessary tires, to make it a leader in providing exceptional and unparalleled defense services in the region, and most importunately is the import and maintenance of firearms.

In addition to the fact that the company has also excelled in giving clear priority to the manufacture of firearms specially light weapons as it is widely classified as weapons intended for use by many members of the armed forces or security forces acting as crews, including heavy machine guns, hand grenade launchers, portable machine guns, as well as portable anti-aircraft guns, portable anti-tank guns, recoilless rifles, portable launchers or missile systems, anti-tank missiles and portable launch launchers.

As for small and light weapons, they are portable weapons manufactured or modified according to military specifications for use as tools of lethal war. Small arms weapons are generally classified as weapons intended for use by members of the armed forces or security forces, including handguns and self-loading pistols, guns, carbines, machine guns, assault rifles, and light machine guns.  

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SIAC launched innovative solutions aiming at developing the Saudi economy sector, so SIAC established a strategic partnership with the Entertainment Authority and a number of local and international companies to prepare shooting clubs, taking into account their full support in providing comfort to citizens. 

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 You can contact us via the form in contact section or via  email at info@siac-sa.com

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SIAC is always looking for talented people we welcome at hr@sica-sa,com

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